Top 5 Website Security Errors to Fix Right Now

We all know that website security is an essential aspect of any business. But how many people pay attention to the details and do what they need to to keep their company’s data safe?

So many little things can go wrong, from not updating your password on social media sites to forgetting about public wifi connections at coffee shops.

To help you avoid these common mistakes, here are the top 5 security errors you must fix now!

1. Not using a VPN

This is one of the most common security errors that people make. By not using a VPN, you are making yourself vulnerable to hackers and other online threats.

A VPN will encrypt your data and keep it safe from prying eyes, so be sure to use one whenever you’re working on sensitive information.

To use a VPN, you need to install special software on your device. There are many different VPN providers, so do your research and find one that meets your needs.

2. Not password protecting your devices

If you don’t password-protect your devices, anyone who gets their hands on them can access your data. This includes both people you know and strangers.

To password protect your devices, go to the settings menu and find the option that says “password protection.” Enter a password (make sure it’s something vital!), and you’re ready!

3. Not using a firewall

A firewall is another essential tool for keeping your data safe. It helps to prevent unauthorised access to your computer or network, so be sure to use one if you still need to.

Many different firewall programs are available, so do your research and find one that’s right for you. Keep it up-to-date and use it when working with sensitive information.

4. Not updating your software

Software updates often include security patches that fix vulnerabilities in the system.

By not updating your software, you are leaving yourself open to attacks from hackers.

Updating your software can be a pain, but keeping your data safe is crucial.

Set aside some time each week to update your software, including your operating system, web browsers, and antivirus program.

5. Not using solid passwords

This is another standard security error that people make. Every password should be unique and complex.

Not using strong passwords can lead to a security breach, so remember this when creating one. It’s also important to update your passwords regularly or whenever you suspect they have been compromised.

You don’t want hackers accessing your data, so use strong passwords for all your accounts! If other people know your password, it could get leaked, so try not to share it with anyone else.

These tips will help you avoid the top 5 website security errors you need to fix right now.

A better way to prevent this is to consult a website security expert to help audit and shore up potential vulnerabilities.