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WooCommerce Hacked Site Recovery

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform that enables businesses to create and manage online stores. As with any website, ensuring the security of a WooCommerce site is crucial to protect sensitive customer data and maintain customer trust.

A hacked site can lead to financial losses, damaged reputation, and potential legal issues. Our experts at Unhacked will help you understand the importance of recovering and securing your WooCommerce site.

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Signs of a Hacked WooCommerce Site

  • Unusual website behaviour, such as unexpected content or layout changes
  • Unauthorized admin accounts or user logins
  • Suspicious redirects and pop-ups leading to unrelated sites
  • Unexplained decrease in site speed or performance

How Unhacked can help?

  • Comprehensive security assessments and malware scanning
  • Removal of malicious code and backdoors
  • Website restoration and optimisation
  • Implementation of robust security measures

Our team of experts has helped numerous clients regain control of their websites and restore their online presence.

Our process to restore hacked Woocommerce websites

  • Initial assessment and diagnosis: Identifying the extent of the hack and potential vulnerabilities
  • Malware and vulnerability scanning: Detecting and analyzing malicious code, backdoors, and other security threats
  • Removal of malicious code and backdoors: Cleaning up the site and ensuring no remnants of the hack remain
  • Restoration of website functionality and appearance: Reverting any changes made by the hacker and restoring the site to its original state
  • Website hardening and security optimization: Implementing strong security measures to prevent future attacks

E-commerce website restoration

E-commerce website restoration is a complex process, and we pride ourselves on exceeding our customers’ expectations. Choosing the right company that can restore your website as soon as possible without compromising speed or quality is important.

We always give our 100% best effort to accomplish this task. Our primary goal is to bring you back online, so you can resume business as usual.

Preventing future hacks

To minimize the risk of future attacks, consider the following steps:

  • Regularly update your WooCommerce platform, plugins, and themes
  • Implement strong password policies and restrict user access to essential functions
  • Use reputable security plugins and tools for additional protection
  • Monitor your site for suspicious activity and have a response plan in place


The process involves understanding the root cause of the problem, full backup and restoration, and ongoing protection.

If your website is hacked, you need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to restore it as fast as possible. UnHacked has a team of highly skilled developers and programmers who can do just that.

Within 12 hours however it depends on the severity of the hack and the size of your website. However, we always try to restore it as fast as possible without compromising quality.

We offer a free consultation so that you can know for sure about the problem.

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