Hacked? We Can Help.

  • 6 Hours Fix Time
  • Fixed Cost – No Surprise Charges
  • Cost Covers Protection for 1 Year
  • Website Recovery
  • Malware Removal
  • Hack Prevention
  • Block Hack Attempts

$799/year per site

Fix your hacked website with Unhacked

Website security and protection at no extra costs. All costs are included in one price per year. The process is as simple as A, B & C.

Pick your plan

Each of our plans comes with an enduring year of safeguarding your website and eliminating any potential malware. Select the plan that best aligns with your requisites.

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Pay using Stripe as our payment partner

Upon successful payment, you’ll be asked to provide your website details. Please provide accurate information to start the protection immediately.

Malware removal request

Submit your website’s login details and FTP details. Or else provide us with the web hosting login details.