Frequently Asked Questions

Malware Cleaning Cost

At, we provide a range of plans tailored to suit every budget, with subscription options varying based on the selected service.

For a comprehensive breakdown of specific features and pricing, please visit our pricing page.

We do not offer one-time clean-ups. So no, the fee is a subscription model that goes for a year for protecting your website.

Considering the nature of the work, we do not offer refunds.

Once you subscribe, your subscription runs for one year per website.

Yes, the pricing structure is kept simple to avoid complexity.

We will clean and protect the website that you have subscribed for. 

The pricing plan is per website per year and if you wish to get more websites to protect, you should increase the quantity during the checkout or upgrade later on from your account.

Yes, sub-domains are treated as different website. So if you also wish to protect sub-domain, you will have to upgrade the plan accordingly.

For more details, you may submit a support ticket.

Yes, you can upgrade your plan as you deem fit.

Yes, Anything more than 5 websites will be eligible for 5% discount, From 6-10 sites will have 7.5% discount and above that will have a flat 10% discount.

10% GST will be charged during the checkout.

When you subscribed, you were given a link to your own dashboard that links with our payment processing partner, Stripe.

If by any chance you don’t have the link – please open a support ticked and we will gladly provide you one.

At Unhacked, we understand the intricacies involved in Multisite instances.

It is recommended to sign up for a plan that accommodates all your domains.

We recognize that although they may share the same core, they don’t always use the same theme. Depending on your setup, multiple unique domains could point to a single installation.

These separate domains might be impacted or blacklisted, and without specific knowledge of the domains, we wouldn’t be able to address the issue effectively.

As a result, a subscription is needed for each domain, ensuring that we examine each one individually.

Malware Cleaning Process

Yes, as soon as you subscribe, we will set up the scanning process.

If any virus/malware are detected in the process, we will start the cleanup process immediately.

Yes, our system will continuously scan the website regularly. Any vulnerabilities that gets detected will be sorted out in the minimum feasible time.

No, we do not offer one-time cleanups at this time.

However, our pricing provides the cleanup and protection for one year.

Yes, we will clean up the website even if your site was infected.

As soon as the subscription is successful and we are able to login, we will initiate the cleaning process.

We need access to your server. For that we need your hosting login details or ftp access.

Upon receiving the valid FTP login details, we can cleanup the full website within 24 hours for Basic plan, 12 hours for Advanced plan and 6 hours for Premium plan.

We back up the files that we clean up. We do not take full backup of your website.

Clean ups do not break the website, the malware does.

If the malware has affected some basic function files which are overwritten or deleted the site content, then you may lose some pages or files.

In most instances, the clean up is not the reason for the loss of functionality of any website.

Most probably, No.

But sometime it is inevitable and unavoidable due to the nature of the malware.

Website protection and hack prevention

The protection is provided by having a firewall solution that acts as a defense for your website. It filters all the traffic and disallows malicious traffic.

Yes. It will stop hackers exploiting vulnerabilities.

Yes, we will install a third-party plugin to configure the firewall and depending upon the plan, we also configure the anti-detection of WordPress.

Customer support

All our support is handled by ticket system. We do have phone support for a limited daily working hours.

Our support team work 24 hours in an effort to protect multiple websites.